MAC Coatings Pty Ltd has completed many local and interstate projects, with several detailed below:

Terminals Pty Ltd Geelong - Aviation Fuel Storage Tank

MAC Coatings was engaged to conduct works on a newly built tank at Terminals Pty Ltd- Geelong.
The scope of works conducted included abrasive blasting and application of a three coat system to the internal and external of the tank. A non-slip coating was applied to the roof for areas of access.
Corrosion control was extremely important, as upon completion of MAC Coatings works the tank was set to be filled with Aviation fuel.
Quality testing, including Holiday Spark Testing and Dry Film Thickness Testing was conducted throughout the duration of the project by MAC Coatings Quality Assurance Manager.
Both MAC Coatings and Terminals Pty Ltd were extremely pleased with the results achieved.

Security Fence in Highly Corrosive Environment

MAC Coatings was contracted by AGFAB Engineering to apply a protective coating to over 225 panels and posts of galvanised steel fence.
The scope of the job was to provide a whip blast to the fence panels and posts and apply a three coat system of High Build Epoxy with a Polyurethane top coat.
This job provided us with a range of complexities including managing the handling of the panels to ensure correct overall thickness, as well as minimising the need for touch up work. A system was put in place where, MAC Coatings had steel rails designed to hold the panels to enable easy application and minimise the need to manually handle each panel. This was a wonderfully successful idea and ensured quick turnaround for our client.
The fence was to be installed in a highly corrosive environment along the coast. In order to combat the effects of corrosion the specification required MAC Coatings to apply 450 microns of paint to the fence and posts to ensure long term protection.

Wonthaggi Potable Water Tank

MAC Coatings was engaged to conduct works on a Potable Water Tank in Wonthaggi, for South Gippsland Water.
The scope of works included abrasive blasting and the application of a three coat system incorporating a Zinc Rich Epoxy, High Build Epoxy followed by a Polyurethane top coat.
The client wanted to achieve the greatest possible protection for their asset. Through conversations with South Gippsland Water’s Corrosion Consultant and MAC Coatings Project Manager it was decided that in seriously corroded areas, fibre glass matting would be added with the intermediate coat. A Polybrid coating was then applied over the top to ensure longevity and provide the client and their asset with outstanding corrosion protection.
Both the client and MAC Coatings can rest assured this asset will be protected well into the future.

MCG Punt Road Concourse Fencing and William Barak Pedestrian Bridge

MAC Coatings was contracted to conduct coating repairs and spot corrosion control to the iconic William Barak Pedestrian Bridge and Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) concourse fencing.
With both assets being icons of Melbourne, it was understandable that the client wanted the best corrosion protection combined with outstanding aesthetic appeal.
MAC Coatings applied a three coat system that included Abrasive Blasting followed by two coats of High Build Epoxy and a top coat of Polyurethane.
Our qualified OH&S Manager directed our Safety Management Plan, which included pedestrian management, as the bridge was still opened to the public during installation.
MAC Coatings was extremely pleased to be involved in this project. Knowing that every year over 2 million people will walk by and inspect our work on their way to the MCG is something that we can be very proud of.

Werribee Pedestrian Bridge

MAC Coatings was contracted for surface preparation and application of a protective coating to the new Werribee Pedestrian Bridge.
The scope of the works included Abrasive Blasting to the external and internal walls of the bridge. We then applied a three coat system to the exterior walls featuring a Zinc Rich Epoxy and a High Build Epoxy followed by a Polysiloxane top coat.  The internal walls were also coated in an Inorganic Zinc.
With construction underway a quick turnaround time was needed. MAC Coatings was able to accommodate our client without compromising on quality.
With its striking high gloss orange coating and architectural design, this bridge is truly the gem of the west.

Pipework for New Plant

MAC Coatings undertook works for Rulway Constructions on over 300 pipes, specifically designed for a new Polyurethane and Polymers Plant.
The pipes ranged in sizes, from 100 mm diameter to over 400mm diameter and 2 metres to 15 metres in length. A range of coating specifications were required from heat resistant coatings to Denso Wrapping.
Coating specifications included Abrasive Blasting as well as a two coat system of Phenolic Epoxy and a three coat system of High Build Epoxy.
With the pipes set to have highly corrosive and extreme temperature chemicals flowing through them, along with being exposed to the external elements, correct application of the coatings was paramount. MAC Coatings experience with these important coating systems, along with high Quality Assurance Management ensured our client’s assets will be well protected.